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20 July 2024

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Sat 13 Jul 2024

About us

Help put a little magic, creativity and inspiration into life by supporting Indigo arts.

The charity aims: to inspire creative practice in education & leisure time activities; enhance the creative potential of able & disabled individuals through arts related projects and encourage the development of creativity & the arts within community settings & education.

Indigo arts launched 2001 to provide a platform for the development of creativity & imagination, particularly in the young. It became a registered charity (no: 1094794) in 2002.

Indigo runs successful projects, performances and workshops in all areas of performing arts disciplines, visual & literary arts. It has had an average of over 100 children, young people, & adults including those with learning disabilities, registered in regular provision at any one time, throughout its lifetime, attracting further participation through short term projects & one-off events, attracting new members every year. 

It’s been responsible for hundreds of performances and related events locally & further afield, including supporting local community events; providing entertainment for local organisations; and projects supporting the Town’s Heritage. Latest projects include Pop Up Venues in empty Kingfisher stores providing arts activities, theatrical & musical performance, as well as the development of our Arts Lab in the Kingfisher.

Activities are made possible by voluntary work from adults and young people, engendering a sense of community. Indigo offers advice, consultancy and support to other community organisations and individuals, and makes resources available to those who might not otherwise be able to access them.

With the increasing evidence of the importance of arts, creativity & the imagination to wellbeing, & its gradual removal from mainstream education, now is an important time to get behind organisations like Indigo!

Your support is really important to us . . .  and good luck!

Many thanks

Mrs Cathy Moss

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